Thursday, August 1, 2013

Food for Birds and Thought, Joint Effort, Cutie

1. These little opalescent, blue bugs are all over the trumpet vine. They scatter everywhere when disrupted. I'm up on a ladder, trimming the vines and they're in my hair, down my shirt, everywhere! My thoughts are all about my daughter Claire and how she would be driven insane by this. Thank goodness it's me and not her. (The video below dramatizes my experience : )
1a. The tiny house finches that were raised in this vine have not flown away due to the abundant blue-bug food source. We enjoy observing the birds as they jump and dart in pursuit of their meal. Their constant chirping sounds like a song of happiness for their good fortune.
2. Steve and I finally finished the brick and gravel paths around the raised beds. It feels good to have that project completed. Now I can walk and weed, free from mud, around the vegetable beds.
3. Henri hides under my chair and behind my legs at the vet. He's not really that scared. He's just being extremely cute.

1 comment:

  1. Aw - I'll bet Henri did look cute peeking around your legs. :)

    And I'll bet your entire garden is beautiful. I can just see those organized raised beds.