Thursday, August 8, 2013

Focused, Oh Boy!, What Have You Two Been Up To?, Catch It While You Can

1. I was wide awake at 2 am. and figured I might as well get up and make good use of the time. I decided to reconcile the bank accounts for work. With all the world seemingly asleep and every place dark except for my pool of light, numbers and reports were in sharp focus and my concentration was on point.
2. The pleased expression in Tess' countenance as she earned her driver's license today!
3. There's an apple with a bite out of it floating in the horse's water trough. I don't know how it got there except that one of the horses must have been given it and then dropped it in there. They're such young and playful horses and it looks like a discarded toy.
4. More afternoon and evening downpours in this hair-frizzing, humid weather. I go out two or three times to the porch to enjoy the serenity of the rain. These August days are changing and I mean to squeeze every drop of summer out of the last few weeks.


  1. I love the thought of squeezing out every drop of summer.