Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Soapy Air, Blooms in the Triangle, Hear Ye Hear Ye!

1. A gentle, fresh breeze pours in from the north. It smells entirely of fresh laundry hung out to dry. More specifically, it smells like the crisp, white sheets my mom and most of the other neighborhood ladies hung out to dry when I was little. (We ran through them.) I can't figure out how the air can smell like that tonight. There are no houses close enough that I would smell their soapy laundry, especially that of Ivory soap. I decide not to question it and just enjoy it. Perhaps the scent is purely natural and that's what the soap companies were imitating when they formulated their product way back when.
2. I took a look at the landscaping we installed at church last year. Wow! The grasses and black-eyed susans have filled in the entire bed and they look fantastic. It's amazing what this rain has done and all the man hours of watering it has saved us.
3. When the air cools like this I usually go around the house like the town crier calling to everyone, "You can open your windows!" or "We're sleeping with the windows open tonight!" But tonight there's no one here for me to make the announcement. So I leave a note on the stairs for Tess to find when she comes in. She will be just as happy as me to open her windows : )

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  1. I guess that's the scent of truly fresh air. Lovely.