Friday, July 12, 2013

Just We Two, Not Afraid, Berry Season

1. We left Henri-the-Schnoodle at Claire's house and hit the road back toward home. With the husband and dog both away, Tess and I felt free as birds! We stopped at antique shops on a whim, ate French toast for dinner, and watched Netflix movies at night. Of course I miss the man and the dog, but this is fun for a few days.
2. Butterflies flutter up and down among all sorts of exotic plants. Their movements appear tentative  as they rise and fall around our heads. It's magical to be among them like this. We assume Mari is pointing at the butterflies, but Claire says she is holding her finger out for a butterfly to come to her. Today is the first time she held one.

3. Claire had a delicious dinner prepared for us, followed by a blueberry pie made from freshly picked berries baked in a butter crust. I will remember this treat of pie when cold, dark January rolls around and summer fruit pies can only be conjured up in memories.


  1. Getaways are wonderful especially when filled with special memories, moments, and good food...especially blueberry pie.

  2. She's wonderfully brave to let a butterfly light on her - I'm not sure if I could do that.

  3. Oh comment c`est MIGNON!! ;0)

    Bonne journee !!