Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hypnotizing, Summer Evening, A Good Movie

1. A gentle, soothing rain defines this Saturday morning. Its effect is irresistible and I put aside all else to sit on the porch and do nothing but watch and listen.
2. Downtown on a warm summer's evening, people are happy and relaxed. They mingle and chat, in no hurry to be anywhere or escape the elements. The days are long and life is easy when the sidewalks are warm.
3. The three of us went to a movie at the Grandin to see, The Way, Way Back. It's a great movie for its genre and we all enjoyed it.
3a. We were early and Tess wanted ice cream, so we walked around the corner to Pop's where she got a double scoop of orange cream on a waffle cone. There are so many nice businesses contained in these few blocks of town.


  1. The simple pleasures of summer evenings are indeed wonderful, Lee.

  2. And a perfect summer evening, sounds like.