Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Sipper, School's Out!, Thousand Hills

1. A refreshing drink for sipping on the porch. It will keep for a week stored in the fridge:

3 cups orange juice
3 cups pineapple juice
1 tablespoon finely grated, fresh ginger
2 cups vodka (optional)
Add 4 cups ginger ale at serving. Serve over ice with an orange slice for garnish.

1.a. B. introduced me to these plastic lids that she bought at Kroger. There will be no more need to use metal canning lids and rings to store opened jars.
1.b. I like the red striped twine she used to tie my two lids together. Oh, the little things...
2. So many hugs and "Thank you's" on this last day of school. Children display their exuberance, dancing, hugging, and jumping their way through the day.
2.a.  The school year has a pattern, a heartbeat, that paces the days. Weekends and holidays stand out and become more special somehow. It's easier for me to "feel" the calendar and the difference in the  months and seasons. I remember feeling this as a child and I like it.
3. An appointment with friends for coffee at the new coffee shop, Thousand Hills. It's a nice atmosphere. I keep thinking how weird it feels to be sitting in a brand-spanking-new building on what used to be an apple orchard. As nice as this is, I still miss the apple orchard.


  1. The sipper sounds great and maybe the optional vodka could be reserved for special occasions, like the end of school. It would be difficult for me too knowing that a coffee shop replaced a former apple orchard. Enjoy your summer vacation.

  2. So many good things here! Love the sound of that sipper - I'll make that some day, for sure.

    I have red striped twine like that - I used it last year for my Christmas package tags.

    It will be fun to see those kids in late summer again, huh?

    And I would miss the apple orchard, too.

    Oh - and I am going to look for lids like that - I make salad dressing in Mason jars and hate those metal lids.