Monday, June 24, 2013

Little Man, A Little of This and That, Very Quiet

1. Henri is a new man after our trip to the groomer. The poor thing had gotten so shaggy he couldn't see past his eyebrows. Now he is sleek and clean and I'm sure he's feeling much cooler.
2. It's hot outside, Steve is out for dinner, and I really don't feel like cooking. In the fridge I find hard boiled eggs, Brie, and some good olives. I also find two pretzel rolls in the pantry. Tess and I dine on this and it is good!
3. The power stayed out all evening and we had absolutely nothing to do. I lit candles on the porch, poured a glass of Eiswein and watched dusk turn to dark by firefly light. How starkly different from our weekend in DC, but just as wonderful.


  1. ah, you are back with your delightful fireflies and crickets. to me, traveling is great but home is the best.... i haven't been around much in blogland, and that probably won't change, but i will check in occasionally....

  2. I enjoyed reading about your trip, but home is always best ...