Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting Things Done, When We Venture Out, Melodic

1. Taking care of business, that's what this summer is partially about. It feels pretty good! Eye doctor, dentist, lady doctor, driver ed., wisdom teeth...we're getting caught up with the business of taking care of ourselves so we can focus on other stuff when schedules are demanding later on.
2. No matter how hot and humid are the days, the evenings are still pleasant to be outside. And no matter how bored just sitting around the house may be, sitting around on the porch isn't boring at all. The three of us sit together, rocking gently and saying nothing in particular.
2.a. We are entertained by the show of mockingbirds and house finches sparring over territory in the trumpet vine. 
3. Steve played Joe Sample's Invitation on the CD player we keep on the porch. Sample's version of Summertime was perfect for this particular evening. (I wish I could find a full version to share, but I can only find this 30 second review.)


  1. it's great to get all your appointments out of the way, good on ya~

  2. 3 pleasurable things; that's got to be a good exercise for living.