Monday, May 27, 2013

Two Little Fellows, Another Beautiful Day, Evening Drive

March, 2012. This little fellow was about two days old.

Here he is today, now a yearling munching on our very tall grass.

Audrey and I call him Chip after the horse in the children's book, The Little Fellow by Marguerite Henry. 
Chip (with halter) and Hal are half brothers. Same father, different mothers. Chip is one year old and Hal is two. Their father's name is Hallmark hence the name "Hal" for the two-year-old. He was herded away from the food by the other horses at the farm so he's thin. He should be able to grow nice and plump now.
It appears they will get along very well. 
Chip rests while Hal keeps watch.
1. I'm glad there are horses in the field again. I love to sit and watch them.
2. I happily spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon out in the garden. It will never all be done, but that's the whole point. There's always more to look forward to.
3. I didn't think I would care to drive over the mountain to Buchanan this evening, but Tess needed a ride, so off we went. It was a beautiful evening for a drive! I saw a large cornfield with corn about 4- inches high, a family with company enjoying an outdoor picnic in their yard, someone burning a pile of brush, and flags flying here and there. It was the epitome of summer just beginning.


  1. The grass got so tall! They are going to get FAT. They are both very handsome horses, especially Hal. Thanks for posting the pictures!!

  2. Lovely horses and especially that you have a connection like that.