Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting Started, Not Virginia, Summer Plans

1. Finally! For weeks I've waited impatiently for the opportunity to work in the garden. Nature has finally supplied a beautiful Saturday and I take full advantage. Old work jeans, old sweatshirt, old sneakers, and my bucket-o-tools. How good it feels to dig in the dirt!
2. Chelsea posted a few photos of their new home city and the scenery is all beautiful. This one shows Chad's new employment in Golden, CO. I am drawn to that hill in the background and how different the landscape is from where we live. They will be walking this very street and I like to imagine where their footsteps fall.

Peak Cycles
3. I stop by Tess' room where she is busy at her desk, creatively cutting and pasting a poster of all the things she wishes to do this summer. It's done on black paper with colorful banners and flags that each have one thing written on them. I catch a glimpse of one banner that says, "Get a car." Oh boy.


  1. My Canadian friend emailed about digging in the garden to get it ready yesterday, too. Lovely.

    What a wonderful place to visit - somewhere out west?

    And she can wish, right? :)

  2. Their new home of Golden, CO looks like a great place to explore, perhaps a summer road trip for you?

  3. Everyone should have a Get-back-to-dirt Day every now and again.

    Pretty town. Everyone is really fit and outdoorsey in CO, I hear.

  4. Best of luck to them in their new home~ I'm sure they'll be looking forward to you visiting soon!