Saturday, March 9, 2013

Emerging From Hibernation, Looking About, It's Convenient, His and Hers

1. It's a sunny Saturday morning that promises to be an almost-spring-like day. I feel an awakening pulse as we turn from the cold, dark days of winter and look about with sleepy eyes at what must be done. It motivates me to make a list of things to do...for Steve. Because he likes to cross them off.
2. The snow covered mountain tops of yesterday are now bare. I see Tinker Cliffs in the distance and I picture Chelsea hiking there right about now. (She put an invite on Facebook to hike there this afternoon.)
3. Our route home takes us by Breuster's. It's past lunch and we haven't eaten, so with guilty pleasure we heartily agree on ice cream for lunch. Butter Pecan for me, Cotton Candy Explosion for her.
4. He and I both want to use the kitchen tonight. He mostly needs one side and I, the other. It's a well choreographed affair with him brewing a rye IPA and me baking a coconut cream tart. I just hope the flavors don't somehow intermingle. Ew.


  1. Using the kitchen together. Nice...

  2. Joyeux la fete des meres !!!

    Bonne journée!!

    xxx Maria xxx