Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All In a Day's Work, Evening Liesure

1. Peacefully shelving library books in solitary orderliness. I spend time in the 560's and 790's, dinosaurs and drawing.
2. A little kindergartener is dreamily walking down the hall...backwards. He sees me approach and his face turns to worry. "I see you're doing the backwards walk", I say with a smile. His worry melts into a smile, he rushes forward, hugs my legs and continues backwards on his way.
3. We stroll the halls at The Jefferson Center to view high school student's art work from around the region. The theme of the show is, "Reflections" so there are many self-portraits on display. One entire class has entered their self-portraits as a group display. To me, these are the most interesting because not every student is obviously comfortable with drawing, but the self examination rendered onto paper reveals so much about him or her.


  1. I also volunteer at our local library and re-shelf books, but my preference is mysteries these days. Nice to be able to choose as a volunteer. You must have made that little guy's day by your acceptance. Nice work by the students.

  2. Those are great pictures. Is that a self portrait of the girl? That's not your daughter, is it?