Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Next to My Chair, My Favorite Bird, It's a Sign

1. It's feast rather than famine with books to read. This has been my spot lately, reading four books at once with two in waiting. Another is at the computer where I can type notes.
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- in depth study for small group
Cutting for Stone- almost finished and reading for enjoyment
Exuberance The Passion for Life- chock full of information, taking notes 
One Thousand Gifts- just began for Wed. night study, first chapter is excellent
Arabella- waiting
The Horses of Proud Spirit- also waiting
2. Last week Chelsea told me she saw bluebirds when she was out. I envied her sightings and made a point to look for some around our place. There they were; I just had to look for them! I counted nine bluebirds playfully fluttering from fence posts to ground.
3. Later in the day, Tess and I saw a huge flock of robins on a neighborhood lawn. Our car was stopped so we rolled down our windows to listen to their beautiful song. I know nothing about migratory patterns, but my hunch is they are heading back north. Get ready for spring, Northerners! The robins are on their way.

I put on Leon Russell's Will O' The Wisp for housework today.


  1. I read "one thousand gifts..." (there is a web site too no?) last summer. It's excellent though I found her writing somewhat staccato occasionally. Imagine my surprise then when someone told me it reminded her of my writing!

  2. We are seeing more birds around here lately, too. Love the thought of spring being around the corner.

    And I am so backed up with books, but it's a lovely problem to have.