Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Friday Off from School, A Little Theater, Belated Wings

1. We woke to about 4 inches of beautiful, heavy snow this morning. It clung to every branch and twig. By afternoon, it was all melted. I really don't mind this kind of winter.
 2. A few miles drive on some back roads and we reach the little town of Buchanan (pronounced Bu'-can-an). There is a little movie theater on Main Street, built in 1919, that still shows movies. I was getting more of a 50's vibe as I sat there but either way, it's old and still kicking.
2.a. We saw Life of Pi which is an excellent movie.
3. I fried up a huge batch of chicken wings for dinner...with Blue Cheese dressing. I wasn't home last Sunday to make them and the craving for them didn't go away.


  1. Fun to read this post and know where the town and theatre are located as we stopped there on our Blue Ridge road trip last Oct. and, we got to meet Rebecca and Lee (Shenandoah Gateway Farm blog) who live in Buchanan. Also stopped into the pharmacy/soda shop on Main Street. No snow in this part of VA (sigh).

  2. Yes, we enjoyed the 12-hour-snow over here in Daleville, too! and I keep meaning to visit the Buchanan movie theatre.

  3. I remember there being a really cool old movie theater, shoot! Was it Roanoke or Lynchburg? I'm thinking Roanoke. Across the street from a big natural foods store.

    We really can't complain about this winter. I didn't get a flake.

    1. You're thinking of the Grandin Theater, Debbie, in Roanoke. That one was beautifully restored. The Buchanan theater is a tiny hole-in-the-wall compared to the Grandin. I'm glad they've kept these places going. They have so much character!

  4. It sounds as if you live in the most beautiful and delightful area. My sister (I'm sure I've said before), lives near Winchester and Front Royal and loves it around there for the same reason.