Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lullaby Rain, Yes!, Catching Up

1. I wake at the unreasonable hour of 3:00 am. and wonder how I will ever go back to sleep. And then I hear the rain. A steady downpour, tapping at windows, pattering on the ground; a rhythmic drip, drip, drip from every roof slope and gutter. Here is my lullaby.
1.a. My ear and brain have been instinctively trained to believe the sound of rain on a cold night signals the arrival of spring. Weather patterns make no sense to me anymore and it's hard to break what I have learned over so many years. I could pretend it's spring. That's a nice thought. I make it work for a while.

2. ♫ Look what I found at Kroger in Bonsack ♪. I'm singing ♪ I'm dancing ♫ I'm eating it for breakfast. ♪ For the first time since moving south in 2000, I found this in a store down here. No need to import it from New England any longer! Boston Brown Bread, all dense and molassesy, pushed from the can, sliced, and spread with cream cheese. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
3. I settled into the rocking chair with a rare, afternoon cup of coffee and watched the episode of Downton Abbey that I missed on Sunday.
(Day two and still raining.)


  1. Very slow to get around so far this month Leonora but I have been playing catch up here this morning. Cute wrapping paper, birthday cakes and birthday girls and tasty bread. I wish we could get that over here. I miss it. I have to make my own, which is . . . somehow not the same. Have a great week! xxoo

  2. Day three of the rain here and day three of being late to work because of it. I left 10 minutes earlier today and was only 10 late. :)

    I've always wondered if that canned bread was good - I'll try it next time I spot it.

  3. Rain here too on the VA eastern shore...not sure, but think this may be about day 4 or 5 now, sort of lost count as one day has been like all the rest lately. Canned brown bread is something I have never seen and certainly not in the one local supermarket.