Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Nice Kind of Shopping, Thank You Postal Workers!, Handing Over the Kitchen

1. Tess and I shopped downtown in Roanoke. It was a lot of fun! We walked through the Farmer's Market where the stalls were lined in evergreen wreaths and garlands. The pine smelled wonderful! We went in and out of little shops that had bells on the doors, unique items for sale, pressed tin ceilings, and business owners who take a personal interest in their customers. I prefer this over the mall any day.
2. Fifteen minutes 'til closing and the line at the Post Office is long. One customer has a 48 pound box of citrus waiting for him. The clerk can't lift it and the postal inspector comes from out back to help her. Others have boxes and packages of all shapes and sizes. There's someone's big box with Amazon emblazoned on it; what would we do without Amazon? Everyone is jovial and pleasant which makes waiting no chore at all.
3. I'm prepared for a second round of baking after dinner until Steve comes home with all his ingredients for brewing. I forgot he was going to brew, which requires his use of the entire kitchen. I'm glad for the excuse not to bake tonight. I put everything of mine away, happy to relax and then go to bed early while he stays up until midnight, boiling, stirring, mashing and cooling.


  1. every now and then an early night's sleep is just the ticket

  2. Hanging out with you must be so fun!