Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No One Else Will Want It, Stylin', Now Appearing

1. Each time I walk Henri, I go past the Christmas Tree Farm. I've been scoping out the trees each time I go by and I have my heart set on a skinny one. It has lots of character. I hope the family will oblige.
2. She borrowed one of my scarves, one that I thought looked old ladyish and would never have chosen for her. Man, it looks great on her! I need to rethink that scarf...or let her keep it.
3. We rounded a curve in the road and gave an audible gasp! The moon rose huge and bright above a dark mountaintop. The man-in-the-moon's face looked chubby on a moon so big.


  1. just catching up here....good to be back. loved your photos below. such a lovely family, leonora!

    i so enjoy this time of year and setting up the christmas tree and decorating it. now all we need is some SNOW!