Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breaking the Silence, New to Me, After a Long Drive

1. The fields are white with heavy frost and the sun hasn't risen to touch them yet. Night's stillness hangs in the air with silence like a vacuum. Suddenly, I hear the eerie cry of a fox in the woods. The cry is long and mournful and sounds almost like an owl. It echoes in the trees as it calls over and over again. It stops for a moment and the silence returns. To my surprise, the the call is returned from fields far away. Back and forth now, the foxes call to each other and I'm frozen in place, unable to go inside and warm myself for the beauty of it all.
2. I borrowed Tess' music for my drive today. It's the first time I've listened to The Dear Hunter and I must say, very cool! The percussion is fantastic and the tunes and harmonies weave interesting melodies between the heavy guitars. I've only listened to the Black, Red and Orange CD from The Color Spectrum, which Tess says is the heaviest. Tomorrow I'll listen to the Green, Blue and Yellow CD and see where that takes us!

3. Steve has come home a day early!!


  1. i love your description in #1. and yes, that is my grandson in my latest post—i clarified that after i read your comment. alex texted "who is leonora?" and i replied "a most lovely lady blog friend who lives in virginia."

  2. oh, and my dear, you must update one grandchild to two over there to the right.

  3. Leonora, your writing is blossoming...#1 is a great example.