Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why I Burned the Applesauce, Shining, Where I've Been

1. He brought me a gift from Miami in a petite 3" x 3" tin.
2. Bright, shining blazes of gold are hard to ignore out the windows. I keep most of the shades down to block the warm sun, but I leave a select few open so I don't miss the gold as I go about the house.
3. Walking home, I think how much I prefer the approach to our house from the back. This approach means I've been in fields and woods, in the garden, on dirt roads or feeding the horses.Yes, I like returning home from this direction.


  1. Hmmm - was that gift about the tin or the cigars? I'm not taking you for a smoker - especially a cigar smoker. :)

    And I love the golds and reds of the trees I'm seeing. Your property sounds lovely.

  2. Smoker or not, the tin is pretty.

  3. Just wondering...did the applesauce burn while you were out walking? Also, wondered about the cigar tin and its contents.

  4. Yes, I occasionally smoke a cigarillo, these cute miniature cigars. This was actually my first all summer because, well I just never bought any.
    I went out on the porch to take advantage of our last warm evening and relax with one while dinner was cooking. I completely forgot about the applesauce that was simmering. (sigh) My favorite pan is still soaking. What a mess!

  5. Lovely shades of autumn through your window.

  6. What a beautiful window-view!!! I love the curtains; I've got a thing for white curtains w/ ball fringe and think I may dress up Annie's simple curtains with the ball fringe sometime!

    Always lovely to peek at your beautiful blog.