Monday, October 15, 2012

Daughter #3 Cleaned Her Room, Crackling Down the Road, Dark and Steamy

This is not her room

This is not her room.

This is not her room.
This is not her room. But I am laughing now.

1. I find them in closets. I turn around and see one on the guest room nightstand. I try to put linens away in the upstairs spare room and I find them tucked into empty dresser drawers. They're beautiful, and I chuckle at her inventive ways of stashing them in all safe places, but it's like a mice infestation. I don't even know what to think...except that I love her...and her addiction.
(This child never played with anything but horses. I do not exaggerate. This was all she ever asked for or purchased for nineteen years. Now she's decided not to keep them in her room.)
2. The wind has kicked up and falling leaves litter the road for the first time this season.
3. Rainy Mondays and ironing seem to belong together.


  1. My sister collected horse figurines when she was a girl. Your happy post made me think of her and smile. xxoo

  2. I love the series of horse figure photos and love the ending. You and your daughter have the same lovely sense of humor.