Thursday, October 18, 2012

On the Hunt for Bittersweet, A Visitor Who Feeds, The Avengers

Clouds hung low and the cool, damp air was laden with the scent of dirt and leaves.

Found it! It likes to grow in thickets.

Cheery orange and yellow. It smells like honey.

Arriving at my door.

1. I thought I should go on my hunt before the rain began. The bittersweet isn't really that elusive; it grows everywhere and I know where to find it. The crop was thin and the berries smaller this year, given the hot dry summer, I suppose.
2. Feeding our friend's animals, they are so excited to see me! The horses trot behind me to the gate where they I let them into the greener field.
3. Daughter #4 and I watch The Avengers. I jump and clap and cheer for our two favorites, Captain America (hers) and Thor (mine).


  1. I'm so happy you found it! It's lovely.

  2. and even more loveliness (i started my "lovely" comments at #4's birthday.) i'm not just repeating myself—you have truly caught the beauty of the season with the geese and horses (and little lights decorating the barn below.) i am glad you found your bittersweet.

    yes, watching a movie together with your kids is great. i rarely get to these days, but when i do i savor the moment.

  3. I've never heard of bittersweet. It's so delicate and pretty.