Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mist and Rain, A Boy, His family and His School, Pretty Town

1. We're still in a period of rain and it suits me just fine. It sounds soothing at night and is still comforting somehow by day.
2. I finished reading another good book titled, The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig. It contains no sex, and no violence. It's simply a very well written story with thoughtful passages and a solid story line.
For example, I like the image described by the main character, a boy, when he is looking upon the setting of their one-room schoolhouse. He observes,
  "Out beyond the play area, there were round rims of shadow on the patch of prairie where the horses we rode to school had eaten the grass down in circles around their picket stakes. Perhaps that pattern drew my eye to what I had viewed every day of my school life but never until then truly registered: the trails in the grass that radiated in as many directions as there were homesteads with children, all converging to that school-yard spot where I stood unnaturally alone.
     Forever and a day could go by, and that feeling will never leave me. Of knowing, in that instant, the central power of that country school in all our lives."

3. I drove to Lexington today and had excuse to walk the sidewalks a little. Lovely old homes fill the town and large shady trees beginning to add splashes of color with rain-soaked bark line every street.


  1. The rain you are getting has also arrived on the VA eastern shore, but not a steady rain. We also have rather warm and humid weather back.

  2. You describe that walk in Lexington so well that I felt as if I was walking with you.

  3. Yet another book to add to my 'list'! Thanks