Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big Questions, Seasons Blend, A Happy Girl

1. That jaw dropping moment when I gaze up into the night sky and I'm sucked into the depth of space. After that initial, startling moment, I begin asking my, "Why and How" questions to God.  
2. Windows are open to a warm breeze. A candle called Sweet Honeydew blends its subtle scent into the air and it's suddenly a summer day in autumn.
3. Talking to Daughter #1 on the phone, I hear granddaughter talking and singing to herself in the background.


  1. I like your musings today Leonara. Being back in a city, I seldom look at the sky now but this brings to mind the recent times when I was able to look up and see the vastness of the night sky, stars, and moon.

  2. Looking up to the sky at night is like looking into the universe. Lovely post.