Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Autumn Sunday in Western Virginia

1. I awake early, quietly brew coffee and make biscuits and try to decide whether to wake everyone for church. Feeling the tiredness in my own bones, I decide to let them sleep. We have a few overnight guests and everyone stayed up well past midnight. In the sleepy house I hear snoring... it sounds rather peaceful.
2. Another gorgeous fall day! Daughters 2 and 3 go riding. After they return, we make another small fire in the rusty old fireplace on the patio and roast hot dogs until they are blackened and perfectly done. We get the peeps from the freezer (that we saved since Easter) and roast them and some S'mores.
3. Daughter #2 put her photos on the computer for us. These are a few of her Sunday shots:

A friend's property
Sounds of Autumn
A Woolybear on the table

Osage oranges


Peeps before...
...Peeps after. Hard and crispy on the outside, marshallowy on the inside. Easily addicting.
Pumpkin Porter and a hot dog with the works

The quintessential S'more


  1. Gosh what a perfect day. Seriously.

    I really like the reality and yet dreamy aspect of the landscape photos.

  2. Daughter #2 has a good eye for photography.

    What a wonderful life you have

  3. I have never had a peep in any form, and certainly not cooked over an open fire. I will have to get some this spring. Nice photos.

  4. Je crois que vous avez passer un SUPER journee!! Cool photos!!
    Bonne semaine!
    xxx Maria xxx

  5. That was lovely of you to let them sleep.

    Beautiful photo. I know this is unbelievable, but I've never had a S'more. And I was a Girl Scout.

  6. Hot dogs and roasted peeps sound like a perfect end of day. Belated birthday wishes and that was such a nice party just from reading your post and seeing the photos.
    Thanks too for the mention of our visit, while brief, it was still enjoyable and nice of you to take time from your day.

  7. and more loveliness and fun! (i'm scrolling my way up these last posts—i have lots of catching up to do.)

    i'm enjoying these photos.