Saturday, September 8, 2012

With Prayers, Crossed Fingers and a Little Luck, Made a Day Ahead, A Long Drive to Greece,

1. The challenge is given: Find a dress for the homecoming dance at the last minute. I dread these shopping excursions with all my heart and soul. When we left the mall, we were able to shout, "We came, we shopped, we conquered!"... Amen.
2. This one recipe is set apart from my hundreds of others in that it's not contained in a book or a magazine or a website. I haven't even typed it into my recipe binder via Microsoft Word. It remains on an old, stained index card that I prop up on the counter every time I use it. I have it memorized, but I prop it up anyway. It's my grandmother's recipe for spaghetti sauce and meatballs. The aroma of the sauce getting started is the best in the world- onions and garlic simmering in olive oil.
3. We enjoyed a delicious home-cooked Greek meal at Steve's boss's house. They are gracious hosts  and the evening is entertaining and relaxing.


  1. I'll bet that sauce is so good.

  2. You conquered! I know that feeling--the mad dash to the mall. I always think that there must be something in the closet. Yet I tend to dash to the mall for myself! I've dresses but what will I wear to the wedding this weekend?! (And we have a great outlet center nearby.) ;)

    It's almost as if grandmothers' recipes were not meant to be transposed elsewhere. I have my grandmother's banana bread recipe on a torn and browned piece of yellow lined paper. (Folded up umpteen times). I feel like I should know it by heart now, but still, I have look every time. I think there's some kind of tactile connection w/Grandmother there. :)