Saturday, September 15, 2012

Greeting the Day, Gardenias, Coming Home

1. Henri takes me outside at the break of dawn. (Dogs walk people, after all.) The chill morning forces open my groggy eyes and I become more aware of the beautiful start to this day. The sky is streaked with pinks and I hear a rooster incessantly crowing from the woods. Why is there a rooster in the woods? This thought puzzles me for the remainder of my time outside.
2. I've run over part of my miniature Gardenia shrub with the lawnmower. Afterwards, I prune it back to shape and bring a sprig into the house. A Gardenia's scent is so strong and sweet, some may think it's sickening. But I think it smells exotic and I keep going back to smell my sprig on the windowsill.
3.It's Homecoming weekend at the high school. Friends dress up with little fuss and mostly laughter.


  1. I find the gardenia smell perfect personally.

  2. Where did you take the homecoming pictures? It looks like a really nice place.

  3. Our gardenia bloomed for the first time earlier this summer and it was wonderfully fragrant. I also clipped blooms to bring indoors.

  4. *Why* was there a rooster in the woods?

  5. It's so interesting to me how some scents appeal to others or not. I think gardenias are beautiful, but don't like the scent (like those stargazer lilies.) But they certainly look beautiful on your windowsill.

  6. "...friends dress up with little fuss...", says so much about your life down there. Too much fuss when it comes to these things and its refreshing to hear that some kids are not fussing!

    Gardenia is lovely.

    And the rooster... odd how ideas catch hold of us and we just can't let go... :)