Friday, September 14, 2012

Bunny Love, Pretty Window, Over the River and Through the Woods

1. I am in love with this adorable door knocker we bought from Anthropologie. Chelsea originally showed this to me when we last visited Raleigh. She and Chad have bunnies, so I thought it would be fun to have this up. It's also a small memorial to their first beloved bunny, Ingrid, who sadly died recently.
2. There is a house in town with a lace curtain in the window. The lace is very pretty and I look for it whenever I drive by.
3. There were so many scents coming into the open car windows when we drove through the countryside tonight! Freshly mowed grass, dried hay, a camp fire, something incredibly sweet (?), damp river air, and a nasty fire of burning tires or something for which we had to hold our breath. All the good smells made up for the one bad one.
4. Steve happily poured one of his home brewed beers that he bottled specially for me. I'm not a beer drinker and he brews strongish beer, but the first half was very good while it was still cold.

My beer is in the cute little coke bottle.


  1. I remember windows with lace curtains from childhood and now today always have lace in my windows. There is something very enchanting about lace curtains.

  2. Smells evoke so many thoughts, feelings and memories...thanks for this reminder

  3. My grandmother always had lace curtains - I thought of that right away when you describe it.

    Love bunnies - that one is smashing!

    Beer in a Coke bottle - wonderful. :)

  4. Cute door knocker even if folks don't use them as much today. Lace window curtains are beautiful blowing in a window. Does Steve brew flavored beers?

  5. >>Does Steve brew flavored beers?

    Only malt and roasted barley, wheat and rye flavors.

  6. Although, I am open to honey mead.