Thursday, September 6, 2012

A New Pattern, Feel the Clean, Classic

1. It's hard not to notice the absence of birdsong each morning. It seems the crows and mockingbirds are the only ones filling the void and they are both extremely loud and bossy. Now and then the mockingbirds will break into beautiful song right outside the screened porch. These songs fill the kitchen with a sharp, clear melody that causes me to forgive all their wrongs.
2. Our bedroom has been cleaned from top to bottom. It doesn't appear any different on the surface, but I know it is deep down clean and this makes the room appear more attractive to me. Is that possible?
3. Tess opted for albums over CD's after dinner and I was happy to oblige. I'm glad that our girls enjoy my generation's music- pops, scratches and all. We played Steely Dan, Bob Dylan, and Derek and the Dominoes. (I instructed her that everyone should know "Layla") The very last song we played was this beautiful gem:


  1. Isn't it funny how knowing something is clean can make us feel so good.

  2. Sometimes, nothing beats listening to those old LPs and reading this post made me realize that I miss my old turntable, which has long since been replaced with a CD unit. Layla is a favorite too.

  3. I have that album! That song is wonderful.

  4. I love clean anything. It always makes me feel good. Great post and food for thought as always! xxoo

  5. Ah yes, everyone should know the Eric Clapton of the early years. He was a teen crush of mine.

    And that deep down clean feeling. It's comforting. I spent yesterday purging many items from my room, and that, alone, felt good. But a thorough scrubbing would send me over the moon!