Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who's Faster?, I Smiled, Cool Program

1. Henri runs up and drops his ball at my feet, stubby tail eagerly wagging. "Throw it! Throw it!" he says with his eyes. "I dare you!"
2. We can go through our entire day seemingly having done nothing much. Yet, if we count the interactions we've had with people; our family, friends, phone calls, emails, neighbors, teachers, librarians, cashiers, strangers, etc., etc., it can amount to dozens. I thought about my "nothing much" day. It was jam packed with life.
3. We crack up at the following line, "More people are killed by kitchen toasters than by sharks."
PBS Inside Nature's Giants


  1. I just had to throw out my kitchen toaster because it started smoking the other day! So glad it didn't get me.

  2. Full days are good days. Toasters are dangerous things. Seriously. I've burnt myself on them so many times. I love the first one, about your pup. That tugged on my heart in a good way. xxoo

  3. My sister was once burned very badly by the toaster. Well, actually, it was steaming Pop Tart she removed from the toaster that burned her!

    So true, Leonora, even on days we do "nothing" we do plenty.

    Didn't' see any sharks in the Cape water. Just lots of seals!