Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gentle Dawn, For You, The Way Her Mind Works, Mommy!

 1. Morning dawned with beautiful colors painted in the sky.

2. Gifts were deposited at my keyboard while I typed at the computer.

 3. This plastic box was originally filled with all the Legos. Mari wanted to add the pink die to the lot, thinking it was also a block. I told her it didn't match those blocks and we didn't store it with them. She asked if we had more dice and I said it was the only one. I turned back to the computer. A moment later I heard all the Legos being dumped out of their box. When I turned to see what she had done, I saw that she gave the entire box to the pink die. Ah, yes. Organizational skills are a blessing...and a curse.
4. She watches out the window to see who is coming up the drive. A slow smile of recognition spreads over her face. She points at the figure walking up the drive, "Mommy!" she says, as though she is surprised to see her here. She keeps her arm pointed at the target of her affection until she is scooped up into her mother's arms and their joy is complete.

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  1. I love the thought process behind that pink die in the box. :) She's a cutie!