Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sun-Warmed, Watched It Twice, Pretty!

1. Tomatoes suddenly ripen in abundance. We make a tomato salad for dinner and line some on the windowsill to enjoy their colors. The ones called "Black Cherry" we turn over and over, admiring the green veining visible under a translucent skin.
2. It was too hot for anything, so we all watched a movie in the middle of the afternoon. Chronicle tells the story of someone who is beaten down and bullied and then receives a super power. It uses a creative filming technique which we liked.
3. I set out the sliced and washed fruits and let the "kids" decorate the fruit pizzas.

1 comment:

  1. lines of bright red and green tomatoes on the windowsill and counter..... i love that image. i used to to do that when i grew vegetables and there were always so many tomatoes. i absolutely LOVE tomatoes (have you ever noticed quite a few people don't, including one of my daughters).mmmm...insalata caprese! : )