Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not Done by Elves, Cute with an Evil Eye, Off to a Good Start

1. What a fantastic, exhilarating feeling! I cleaned out the master bedroom closet. I'm positive I saw it sparkle when I showed it off to husband. I have to go see it again...
2. Mockingbird fledgling, round and plump, downy feathers, sits on the fence post while I garden. I'm surprised he doesn't fly away in fright. Either he's too fat to move or his parents have taught him that I'm The One he'll attack one day.
3. Rain comes again and I'm glad. It sets a mood that I enjoy. There's nothing so boring as long, drawn out spells of hot, muggy sameness in summer weather. I'm all about variety.


  1. It's so fun having accomplished something like your closet clean and then going back again to see it over and over. I do that, too. And I need to work on all my closets, but especially my bedroom closet. I can't even walk into my walk-in closet right now. :)

  2. I have a closet like that. I keep eyeing it but so far I haven't cleaned it. I expect it will happen soon, though.