Monday, June 11, 2012

Changing of the Guard, Not the Most Comvenient Location, Girls and Boys

 1. Switching out the bed sheets and airing the room as one house guest departs in the morning and another is due to arrive in the afternoon.
2. A busy little pair of house finches have built their nest among the purple pansies in the wall planter  Yesterday there were five eggs and today there are six. I'll have to try watering from the bottom.
3. Three of our four girls, plus granddaughter, are here tonight. We have a nice girl visit upstairs while a larger-than-usual gathering of men have their pool night downstairs. The men's shouts are heard through the floorboards and we pause in our conversation to smile at their good time. Later, the men climb the stairs to make their way home, nodding and politely thanking me (for allowing them over to play with my husband). They are the greatest bunch of guys.


  1. well, leonora, all i can say is those birdies just have a fine eye for interior design. oh my, you'll have to have a steady hand when watering.

    isn't it fantastic when a house is filled with laughing family and friends? hurray for girl time ; )

  2. Last year, I had some finches that built a nest in the fern that hangs next to my front door. The mom would fly out every time I came home or out my front door. I would put the tip of my watering can on the very edge and just watered from there - all the while calling out to the mom that I wasn't hurting her babies.

    I actually left the nest in there so they wouldn't build there again. As much as I liked them, it was a bit of a pain to water that way.

  3. That sounds real nice--the girls' night and the guys downstairs. And nice of you to be careful around the nest.

  4. Oh, it does sound like a lovely evening Leonora!! How cute about the bird's nest and eggs as well. What an added blessing to spring! xxoo