Saturday, May 26, 2012

Facial recognition, Move Along, Into the Night

1. I enjoy the garden while it's still cool in the early morning. On this morning I am fiercely attacked by the mockingbird no matter where go. I retreat to the house and wait for my bodyguard to wake up. When he goes outside with me, the bird bothers no one. It's fascinating and I'm still puzzling this one out. I'm beginning to take it personally.
2. Black snake leisurely crosses the road. Slithering, you'd think he was moving sideways, yet he follows a straight line.
3. It's the first dinner party on their new screened porch. We clink our glasses in celebration. Summer has officially begun and I wish for many more pleasant evenings such as this, spent with friends and family.


  1. We've had some nice warm weather here as well. It's so nice to see finally. I once saw a whole row of caterpillars crossing a road, nose to tail. It was fascinating. They were going in a straight line as well. xxoo

  2. any pictures of the mockingbird or porch?

  3. A sexist mockingbird. Maybe you need to wear a big hat or something as a disguise.