Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coffee + Books + Sugar, Feed Me!, It's All About the Instrument

1. I shopped at all the good-smelling places today. Barnes and Noble's coffee + book aroma for some reading material for our recovering patient and Maggie Moo's sweet smelling ice cream shop for pink bubble gum ice cream. (They didn't have Twizzler). Another stop was Jo-Ann's Fabrics which didn't have a special smell, but it still made me very happy.
2. Fledgling finches and mockingbirds have left their nests which makes for quite a racket in the yard. Mothers are constantly calling to their babies and babies are loudly cheeping for food. The screeches made by the entire population when someone walks into the yard adds a third element to the noise. I am entertained.
3. The beautiful Steinway piano at the recital hall. I've heard her playing this Sonata at home for months. But today, on this piano, it reaches a whole new level.

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  1. All beautiful sounds and smells. I'll bet that sonata is lovely.