Friday, April 13, 2012

M'am?, Perfect!, Up Too Early, Genius at Work

Mr. Keveren with two student performers. Photo courtesy of Sarah Reaser O'Brien
 1. We've lived in the southern states for twelve years and the polite, "M'am" thing still stands out to my attention. Today, the mulch delivery man (who was my age), said "M'am" after everything. His mama must have done a very good job bringing him up to have him say it so naturally like that. I like it when it's used as a question. For example, if someone doesn't quite hear what you said, they'll say, "M'am?" It compacts so much into one word. Using my method, I would have to say, "Could you repeat that please?" or "I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said?". But, "M'am?" says it all. So what would a woman say to a man? "Sir?" Goodness! With everyone talking like that, we'd sound straight from "Gone With the Wind"!
2. She bought the first and only dress she tried on. Too easy.
3. I'm so glad she canceled work because I desperately needed a nap.
4. Today's weather was picture-perfect and lovely for an evening stroll through the Hollins University campus for a concert. Composer and arranger Phillip Keveren played a few of his songs and showcased several students who played his arrangements on the piano. He composed a song on-the-spot, using an audience member's phone number. To watch his face, his movements, his oneness with the piano, was to witness the natural gift of musical genius.


  1. Love it when shopping is 'that easy'!

  2. I talk like that, I'm afraid. And yes, for a man, it's Sir?, or maybe "I'm sorry, Sir?" or "Excuse me, Sir?" Sometimes it is tough being Southern.

  3. I can remember the first time someone said m'am to me and I was a little offended, thinking I was not old enough for that. Now it happens all the time. My mom taught us to say that to her and all adult women and sir to dad and all men.