Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just the Right Spot, Home, Pretty Good!

1. My friend L. gave me a package of note cards with this bee on them and suggested it would look pretty in a frame. I agree! I found the perfect spot for this adorable picture right next to my kitchen sink.
2. We went out for dinner at Sal's Italian Restaurant. From the moment we entered, I was homesick. The tempting aromas, the music, the ambiance, all made me feel that I was back in Albany way back when. This was the archetype Italian restaurant of my growing up years. I asked the waitress where the owners were from, but I already knew. This was the real deal.
3. ...and a movie. The Hunger Games. Now I know what all my kids are talking about.


  1. Sweet bee! A climbing series of them on that wedge of wall would be adorable, too.

    The Hunger Games: tomorrow night. Now I'm looking forward to it. ;)

  2. I have framed a number of cards over the years - that one is great.