Tuesday, April 10, 2012

At Home, It's Just Not "You", Puppy Talk

1. Today is the first day of our "staycation" as B. called it. Steve is off from work and we are on our own to do as we please. My goal is to try and stay out of the kitchen. I even let my flour canister become empty so I can't bake anything even if I want to.
2. He tries on a neon yellow shirt, a peach oxford, a cobalt vest, and a turquoise jacket, all from a clearance rack. I hang up my cell phone quickly when I see him in the turquoise. I have to stop him before it's too late.
3. Henri sits up on his bed, looking all sleepy and sweet. I give him hugs and kisses and tell him how adorable he is; then he plops back down and retreats back to sleep.


  1. I chuckled at the multicolored clothes trying on - oh my. :) Hope you two enjoy that staycation.

  2. men trying on clothing on their own = giggles and rescues

  3. Staycations can be the best holidays of all! I just know you will both enjoy yours! xxoo