Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday and Sunday, The Time Flies

1. Wysteria cascades over an old outbuilding. It has a wild beauty that I admire. I tuck a small cluster behind my ear to carry the sweet scent with me.
2. We suited up and went into the bee hives for instruction. The hives were teeming with bees! We eagerly witnessed a new bee poking its way out of a cell, tiny antennae groping its way out. It was merely one of tens of thousands, but each little cell is a tiny miracle.
3. All of our movements are done in slow motion. That, combined with the white suits and veils, gives the impression of a group moon walk.
4. I hear all positive reports about the planting day at church so I swing by to see the results. All the shrubs are planted and the borders are all so neatly edged! Later, Steve shows me the photos he took of everyone working on the property. Kids, adults, dog, shovels, hoses, pots and plants; it all reminds me of the busy beehives.


  1. I love wisteria, too, but didn't realize it had a scent.

  2. Everything's abuzz these days! That's a joyous photo. Wisteria. Ahhh. :)

  3. Love, LOVE the Wisteria. We had Wisteria at the back of our cottage when we lived down south. Perhaps we need to plant some here . . .