Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet boy, I get it!, Music to drive by- Ruut

1. Henri behaves adorably and cuddles up to a friend of mine that he's never met. He starts out by sitting near her on the sofa and ends up with his head on her lap.
2. They're talking shop and I understand the lingo.
3. I first heard Ruut in the late 90's when she was only seventeen. Already writing and performing her own music, I scooped up her CD's as quickly as they were released. I still love to hear her sing and she made my drive enjoyable today.


  1. Oh, beautiful music by Ruut. Thank you for this introduction.

    On another matter--your previous rant (go Leonora!)--I'm a shrill, careening wheel. We are self-employed and our rates have skyrocketed like nothing I've before seen. I'm almost afraid--no, I am afraid--of seeing the escalation in a graphic. It's all ready graphic enough in my mind. Especially when checks are cut.
    We should demand so much more (or less!).