Monday, February 20, 2012

Storing it in my memory for when it's 90°, Everyone is happy abpout this, More of a chuckle

1. This morning we woke to the spectacle of a brilliant blue sky above a snow covered landscape. Nature didn't just dust on the powdered sugar, she dumped the entire bag. Every branch, every twig and evergreen strained under its beautiful burden. We knew within hours it would be gone. That's the beauty of a late Virginia snow.
2. Conversation at dinner made mention how mornings and evenings are getting brighter.
3. I hear Steve laugh when he's reading stuff on his computer.


  1. Oh, I am imagining that it is so very beautiful. We have not had any snow to speak of here in Chester this winter. It's been quite a mild winter all round and my camelia is actually blooming now, a whole month early! I love it when I hear Todd laugh as he's reading stuff on his computer. It's such a happy sound! It brings me joy to hear it. xxoo

    PS I hate this new word verification. it does my head in.

  2. I'll have to check with my sister in Winchester to see if she got snow. She hasn't mentioned it. I know it must be beautiful.