Sunday, February 12, 2012

Morning hug, It's a long story, Sunday brunch, The "boys"

1. I lift her from her crib this morning. Warm, sleepy, cuddly in footed jammies, clinging to her lovey. She rests her head on my shoulder and we sit quietly for a moment in order to come fully awake.
2. She makes serious conversation. Her facial expressions change for emphasis and I'm fascinated by the long dialogue and variety of sounds. I can only guess what she's saying. I hope I've responded correctly, however she doesn't seem to mind whatever I reply because she keeps on talking.
3. The wait is too long for brunch at the restaurant so we quickly come up with a plan. Within an hour, we have coffee, bacon, eggs, toast, fruit and donuts on the table. It's a great Plan B.
4. They sit side-by-side with their computers, happily playing Magic Pen 2 and comparing strategies. I admire their nerdy contentment.


  1. My two-year-old great niece has a lovey, too. Froggy. She asked for "quiet time" on Saturday and when I raised my eyebrow, her mom said she just wanted her Froggy / pacifier fix. :) There's nothing like a sleepy baby.

  2. love the chatter and how you describe her head on your shoulder...i'm missing my izzy now! in a good way...thank you leonora