Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Left in shirtsleeves, A big decision, Heralds of spring

1. Vests are left behind on fence posts, jackets tied around waists. It's a warm, sunny day where we shed layers along the walk.
2. We sit comfortably after dinner and talk, just the two of us.
3. Each day there are more flocks of energetic, happy robins on the lawn. Their bright orange breasts contrast so beautifully with their dark brown bodies. Nature chooses the loveliest color combinations.


  1. It's great when we can take off layers.

    Nature does have the prettiest color combinations, doesn't it? Cardinals have been flying into my windows. Maybe because I don't have curtains up yet. They're so pretty. Even the females which are mostly brown. But they have those bright orange beaks.

  2. i like 2...those times are really special for us too

  3. Leonora love all your harbingers of spring!! So wonderful. Good times! xxoo

  4. Wouldn't you love to know where those robins have been?