Monday, December 12, 2011

A beacon in a dreary shopping world, That's Me!, Good soup

1. The guy working the cosmetic counter at Macy's was a lot of fun. He was jovial, extremely helpful and had a great sense of humor. I didn't need my purchase wrapped, which I think disappointed him. As a concession, I agreed to take some of his gift wrap home to use. He gave me small roll of it! Macy's needs to keep this guy.
2. Mari gets on the phone and says, "Naw" for Nonni.
3. Reheated beef barley soup from yesterday along with some fresh bread for dinner means I don't have to fuss.

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  1. I always love hearing what grandchildren end up calling the grandparents. My sister (who lives near Winchester, VA), has a 22 month old granddaughter and wanted to be called Grandmommy, but it came out as "Gaga." So that is sticking (much to sis's chagrin.) I like it. :)