Thursday, November 3, 2011

I know that hair, Exploring the great outdoors, Chain reaction

1. The breeze fluffed her hair.

2. The warm sun, blue sky and green grass were too inviting to ignore. This little granddaughter reminds me very much of her mom when she was a baby.

3. Since Claire and Marian were visiting, Chelsea and Chad came to visit. Since Chelsea and Chad were coming, a bigger dinner needed to be cooked. Since a bigger dinner would be cooked, Audrey and Matt joined in. Finally, when Tess and Steve got home from school/work, the fun began! Stories were told around the dinner table, Audrey had us laughing to tears, a bathed and powdered baby was passed around, and several games of pool were played- full of excitement and shouts. We ended the evening with this dessert of pumpkin cake and spiced cream cheese frosting.