Sunday, November 6, 2011

Habits, One man's junk..., Harvest flavors

1. On a slice of cake where the two frosted layers come together with the frosted outside edge, it forms a "T" of frosting. This is the best bite that is saved for last. Always.
2. One load was taken to Goodwill and another trunk full is forming! I confessed to the family that the hardest things to get rid of are the animals and dolls. They have faces. Tess (who isn't usually evil) said, "Just don't think of the Toy Story song." Thanks a lot Tess. I think this box will stay.
3. Our shared meal with friends had a harvest theme: pork, apples, squash and all things spicy and good.


  1. I know exactly the part of the cake you are talking about. It IS the best bite!

  2. Oh yes....cake and icing!

    I love purging

  3. Your talk of cake and frosting has me wanting cake for breaskfast. Darn! xxoo