Saturday, October 22, 2011

It will have to be a beautiful weekend without me, Steve has the fun, Goodnight house

1. Reluctantly, I gave myself permission to dump any plans for the day. Instead, I sat with a box of Kleenex on my lap, nursing a head cold. There is relief in letting go.
2. The echo of the chainsaw drew me to the porch where I stood in the sun for a few minutes.
3. The ritual of tucking the house in for the night; going 'round to turn off lights, lock doors and pull down shades.


  1. You make me think of my ritual of opening up my house in the early morning - turning the computer on, the living room lamp with the bulb that takes forever to brighten, tapping on the under-the-counter lights in the kitchen. I always think of my father who would be thinking, "Does she really need every light in the house on?"

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon. Colds are no fun!

  3. Our rituals... so true! Husband Steve is our
    "Night Watchman" with a fine tuned sequence of duties he performs each evening. I have a poem
    called "Kitchen Rituals"...about the daily dance done each morning. Hope you're feeling

  4. Leonora-- Hope the cold doesn't linger for long. A little sun is good! No fun to feel housebound this time of year (though being taken care of won't hurt). Feel better!