Thursday, September 15, 2011

Song and dance, Working through the maze, Still in season

1. I sang my dad's version of "Turkey In the Straw" for little L. today. (His lyrics use whiskey rather than water on the chicken's leg and that was the only way I learned it.) L.'s eyes got very big as I sang. I think she took the story literally.
2. We have a family doctor who will phone us to discuss things.
3. The peaches from Saunder's Farm Market are amazing. They are a variety called Labor Day and are freshly picked this late in the season.
Whenever I eat an exceptional peach, I recall our 4th grade teacher reading James and the Giant Peach aloud to us. James' description of the delicious peach flesh was almost too much to bear as we sat with our heads down on our desks and no peach to eat for ourselves.


  1. Just came from Lynn's where you and I both caught the piano players patting each other on the butt. Shows that we're very observant:) So did anyone catch you on video with your Turkey In The Straw performance? Also our doctor calls us as late as 9:00 PM sometimes to follow up on concerns and as far as peaches go, we're still on the prowl for the perfect peach. Nice to visit you.

  2. Leonora- I like your new blog look!

    We are having trouble getting decent peaches here. I don't know why, but I'm sure going to look for the Labor Day sort. I wonder if they find their way up here.

    Love that image of you singing Turkey in the Straw. Very sweet. And the doctor! Well, I didn't think that happened anymore.

  3. Awww! So bittersweet - hearing about giant peaches and not being able to taste one...

  4. I like your new blog look! Looks great. Congrats on the doctor - rare bird.

  5. Jayne- The farm market with the peaches is 2 hours away, near Charlottesville. Our neighbor does regular business there, so he picked some produce up for us. I didn't expect peaches to be in season this late.
    Lynn- It's funny how some memories remain so vivid, like the book in 4th grade.
    Country Dew- I feel like I should mess around with the design more, but I'm too impatient. I feel like such a goofball, once I changed it I couldn't get my old design back! I do like these colors though : )