Friday, August 12, 2011

These have found a home, Green Tomato Relish, The weekend

1. A few years ago I found these bookplates at the second hand bookstore. They are by artist Diana Thorne. Since then, I've found a complete illustrated guide to dogs with more of her adorable sketches and drawings. These will be framed and have their place in the guest room I recently painted.
2. Chelsea spent a day here canning green tomato relish. The house smelled of onions, peppers, tomatoes, and sweetness for an entire two days. (She made a LOT.) We were spooning it onto everything, including our macaroni and cheese. Wow, it took the mac 'n cheese from boring to fantastic! I need to make more of my own once the garden decides not to ripen any more tomatoes.
3. I spent the day with purpose, preparing for the kids to be here for the weekend and to have some friends over for dessert tonight. Playing house is one of my favorite games.


  1. I've never heard of bookplates. Would you elaborate more on what they are and if they're in books how do you remove them to frame?

  2. Dear plant gardener- I've used the term "book plate" incorrectly when I referred to these illustrations. (Used correctly it means a label identifying the book owners name, usually pasted inside the front cover.)
    When I find illustrations that take up a page of their own with no text, I call them book plates. Anyway, these were already out of the book and sold singly at the bookstore. Otherwise, you have to heartbreakingly take a book apart to use its illustrations.