Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer breeze, Simple tasks, In the dirt

1. I do the ironing in front of an open window where a cool breeze gently wafts in.
2. Snipping basil, picking cherry tomatoes, and whisking olive oil make up part of the tortellini salad. The act of creating the salad is as satisfying as eating it.
3. Shadows are already long when I go to work in the garden after dinner. There are no gnats, nor sweat, nor burning sun to make the task unpleasant and my mind is free to wander.


  1. That salad sounds marvelous! And it's lovely that the weather is turning nicer for you.

  2. Your salad sounds delicious. Late summer is my favourite time of the summer. You can really appreciate the warm days as they begin to wind down, get shorter, and there is autumn in the air. You know you better enjoy them whilst you still can! xxoo